How Much Does A Keynote Speaker Cost
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How Much Does A Keynote Speaker Cost

How Much Does A Keynote Speaker Cost

There are many different price points for hiring keynote speakers. For example, new speakers may offer their services for free, while celebrity speakers may charge up to $100,000 per engagement, according to KeynoteSpeakers.

Average Keynote Speaker Costs

From beginner to A-list celebrity, here is a look at typical keynote speaker costs:

  • Beginner Keynote Speakers: Free.
  • Intermediate Keynote Speakers: $500-$1,500.
  • Established Keynote Speakers: $1,500-$5,000.
  • Advanced-Level Keynote Speakers: $5,000-$25,000.
  • Celebrity Keynote Speakers: $25,000-$100,000.

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Keynote Speaker Levels

Costs, of course, will vary largely based on the experience of the keynote speaker. For smaller events or conferences, it is possible to find a newer speaker for cheap or even free. Beginner speakers may simply be looking for experience at this point, which makes them a great hire for low-key events.

Hiring an intermediate speaker can cost as little as $500 per engagement. This level features speakers with more experience than beginners, yet they are still attempting to build their career resume. Established speakers are considered the true professionals of the industry. At the established level, speakers can attract more attendees and bring extra value to your event.

Advanced speakers come with a wide range of prices. These speakers have a ton of experience, likely including speaking at large events. At this level, you may be hiring a well-known author or local celebrity to speak. A-list celebrities are expensive, but can really take your event to the next level. You can expect to pay an A-list celebrity up to $100,000 per outing.

Travel Expenses

If you plan on hiring a speaker who is not local, you’ll need to pay extra for travel expenses. Besides the speaker’s fee to talk, you’ll be responsible for cover air fare and hotel accommodations. It’s not unusual for a speaker to charge more in speaking fees simply due to their time spent traveling.

Of course, the further the speaker must travel, the more his/her services will cost. Overall, for travel within the U.S., you can expect to pay anywhere from $10,000-$20,000 in travel expenses.

What Is A Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Qualifications

Typically, a keynote speaker will be given instructions or talking points when hired by an event planner. Planners can have some control over the speech and topics covered by the speaker. Planners may pick a speaker who specializes in motivating or inspiring, depending on the objectives of the event.

Each keynote speaker will have their own unique style. When looking for a speaker, find one with an impressive resume, a unique delivery style and philosophies that complement the objectives.

Great keynote speakers may provide the following:

  • Considered to be an expert in their field.
  • Viewed as a credible source of information.
  • Connect with audiences.
  • Speak in an engaging and dynamic manner.
  • Have extensive experience in public speaking.
  • Employ various methods of delivery and learning styles.
  • Can work well within boundaries set by event planners.
  • Present an impressive list of professional references.
  • Possess the ability to go off-script, if needed.

How To Find A Keynote Speaker

Michael Saletta’s speaking experience spans more than 25 years with thousands of organizations.  For nearly 10 years, he spoke to 100+ companies each year.  His keynotes have included varying clients such as La-Z-Boy, Revlon, U.S. Army, Electrolux, Premier Concepts, Entrepreneur Organization, Associated Builders and Contractors, Hyundai-Kia, and numerous industry conferences.

Leadership, Sales, and Strategy are his topic specialties. Each of these may branch off into areas of performance, motivation, service and communication. Depending on your goals, he will customize my presentation using business language specific to your industry. He spends a great deal of time preparing the right stories, metaphors and models to leave the audience changed, inspired, and action-oriented.

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It is important to remember that your budget should reflect the overall objective of your event when it comes to hiring a speaker. If you are selling high-priced tickets for the event, it’s crucial to hire a speaker that will draw a big crowd. However, if your event is low key and targeting a smaller audience, it’s okay to hire a beginner speaker simply looking for experience.

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