Questions To Ask A Career Coach
Written by Brian B

25 Questions To Ask A Career Coach

Questions To Ask A Career Coach

If you are struggling to find your ideal professional path, you might consider the idea of hiring a career coach. An experienced coach can get you going on the right track. This coach, however, is not a mind reader so you must come prepared to ask them the right questions. Here are some of the best questions to ask a career coach.

Best Questions To Ask A Career Coach

  1. What is the first step of this process if we agree to work together?
  2. How often should/will we meet?
  3. How long do sessions typically last?
  4. Are there any tools or resources I can use between sessions?
  5. How can I stand out in the job market?
  6. How can I build or improve a personal brand?
  7. How do I know if I’m making the best decision for my career?
  8. How can I network better?
  9. How should I know a certain company is right for me?
  10. What are the signs indicating I might not be right for a specific career and/or company?
  11. What professional areas of mine need the most work?
  12. How can I assess my personal and professional skills?
  13. What are the challenges I can expect during the coaching process?
  14. What are the average weekly/monthly charges?
  15. Is there a free initial consultation?
  16. What are your cancellation/refund policies?
  17. What happens in the event I need to reschedule a session?
  18. How do I know if I am making progress during these meetings?
  19. Do you offer any guarantees?
  20. Are there any testimonials or case studies I can read?
  21. How exactly can you help me?
  22. What is your process?
  23. Can I speak to some clients of yours?
  24. How do you define success?
  25. Have you worked with other people in my same industry before?

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