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As one of the most experienced and diversified consultants in the world, Michael and his companies have worked with thousands of organizations from nearly every industry. Based on a collaborative partnership with his clients, Michael integrates customized training and leadership coaching into a development process that ensures real-time change. 


ENGAGING, PASSIONATE, and ALWAYS CUSTOMIZED, Michael delivers a compelling message on leadership, sales, and strategy that will challenge each participant. Michael has shared the stage with speaking icons Jim Collins and Tom Peters and is known for his unprecedented ability to engage an audience with solid content. 


I am committed to helping individuals go to their own next level and unleash their potential, yet coaching with me is not always easy or even fun. The goal is positive change, growth, and results. Clients consistently thank me for difficult coaching sessions because they know honest feedback is what is necessary to get them on the right path. 


Leadership Skills For Business Managers

Leadership Skills For Business Managers

1 Oct 2020

At all levels of business, bosses and managers can benefit from leadership training seminars. Learn to grow and excel as the leader within your company or small community. Improved leadership skills will only prove beneficial in the long run. Here are a few leadership skills that business managers need in the workplace.

Necessary Leadership Skills

  • Commitment
  • Inspiration
  • Communication Skills
  • Optimism
  • Influence


Managers or bosses simply in their current roles to move on and up in a short period of time will do little to inspire the confidence of their employees. Great leaders stick around for the long term, through good times and bad. Commitment never goes unnoticed by fellow employees or workers. Good managers are committed to making their current role as meaningful as possible. By committing time and effort over a long period of time, good leaders are demonstrating their worth simply by their body of work.


Explaining a task or goal to your team, then just leaving it up to them is okay, but there is certainly a better way to get your team excited on the job. A good leader will leave no doubt that you understand the objectives set in place. Walk your team through a project step-by-step, fielding any questions along the way. Passion is a building block towards success, and passion can definitely become contagious when the right culture is developed.

Communication Skills

All of these tips and skills are rendered moot if the manager is not a good communicator. Good communication skills are possibly the first attribute a good leader must acquire. Knowing how to speak with employees of all different levels and needs is crucial for success. Goals and objectives are the easy parts. Effectively guiding your employees to the goals is where the real work begins.


Optimism can go right alongside inspiration. So, what makes the two characteristics different? Unfortunately, in today's business climate optimism is declining. During the course of a pandemic and struggling economy, staying optimistic can be tough. But, that's the job of a manager! A good leader must lead by example. Staying optimistic is more important than ever. Providing optimism with many employees working from home is a task all managers should invest time in.


Bosses command and leaders influence is a common belief. Many believe a leader's authority stems directly from his or her ability to influence others. A boss offers rules, while a leader encourages workers to think for themselves and utilized creativity when possible. Good leaders tend to grow their influence by practicing encouragement, optimism, and of course, honing some exceptional communication skills.

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