“Leadership is the responsibility to positively influence self, others, and outcomes.” – Michael Saletta


What Is Executive Coaching?

I am committed to helping individuals go to their own next level and unleash their potential, yet coaching with me is not always easy or even fun. The goal is positive change, growth, and results. Clients consistently thank me for difficult coaching sessions because they know honest feedback is what is necessary to “shake-up” their current situation and allow them to get on the right path.

All coaching programs integrate face-to-face meetings and phone sessions, and our engagement will run for 6 to 24 months (duration depends on your needs/goals).    Strategic life plans are developed and accountability measures are implemented.  Expect real-time challenges that will push you outside of your comfort zone.   You will work on Mastering your Five ‘Selfs’ – and develop “thinking habits” as well as important life habits.  You will be pushed to look inside and examine challenges from multiple perspectives.  I will draw upon my 15+ years of sports coaching (football, wrestling, track, baseball, soccer) and 25 years of leadership development experience.   If you are ready to create change, engage in an introductory coaching session to determine if you are ready to get out on the skinny branches of life!

“Coaching is close to my heart.  I give special thanks to some of my most significant coaches!”

Phillipe Moser – Personal Development and Speaking

William Olivieri – Overall Life and Business Coach

Frank Harrison – Business Culture and Giving Back

John Woods – College Wrestling Coach, Intensity, Discipline, and Focus

Types Of Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a must for today’s managers. Whether you are in charge of a large organization or a small office, leadership skills always need to be refined and sharpened. As you climb the professional ladder, your skillset needs constant evaluation. What worked yesterday won’t work today. So, it’s time to adapt to your new position with updated leadership techniques. How vital is empathy and communication? An executive coach can suit a program with techniques and strategies to best fit the needs of your co-workers and employees.

Business Coaching

So, how does business coaching differ from leadership coaching? This training is more focused towards your organizational goals and achievements. Instead of diving into workplace relationships and motivational tactics, the coach will help implement support for upcoming projects and company objectives. Whether it is an end-of-year quota or budget that needs to be reached, coaches can help you strategize for success.

Career Coaching

Career coaching can be more geared toward lower-level employees, but this can also be an invaluable service for managers, as well. With a career coach, you can set forth a plan to reach your professional goals. Coaches can map out your journey to success. In addition, career coaches can help with resume writing, job searches and even offer complete job interview techniques.

Executive Coaching Benefits

Sharpen Your Strengths

An effective and efficient executive coach can help you understand and flex the strengths you already possess. Executive coaches can instantly recognize your strengths as a manager and leader.

Build Better Professional Relationships

Once your strengths are identified, you can transition towards using those skills to improve your existing relationships in the office. Experts believe leaders can dramatically limit their influence and productivity by only connecting with certain groups of people. Don’t make the mistake of limiting your reach!

Improve Leadership Ability

It’s common knowledge that those with a higher intelligence make for better leadership, due in large part to empathy. Those beneath you must understand that they are heard and have an open line of communication with the top of the business structure. An executive coach can expand on the leader you already are by giving you a better understanding of each individual’s needs and tendencies within the company.

Master The Art Of Communication

A good leader has to be a good communicator. We all know communication is key in today’s busy world. That’s why coaches will harp on this topic during seminars. As you move up the corporate ladder, styles and techniques must be constantly tweaked.