Boss Vs Leader
Written by Brian B

Boss Vs Leader

Boss Vs Leader

There are five key differences between a boss and leader. Let’s dive into those differences below!

Differences Between A Boss And Leader

Here are the main differences of a boss compared to a leader:

  • Listening.
  • Communication.
  • Inspiration.
  • Collaboration.
  • Vision.

Difference 1: Listening

While a boss may hear employees, a leader will transform. Leaders have the ability to shift the focus of the team, which leads to inspired internalized changes. This is made possible by active listening skills. Simply put, this means leaders don’t just hear when others speak, they strive to understand. Leaders will make eye contact with all employees, showing they are always present.

The ability to listen means strong leaders can successfully interpret individual’s habits, thoughts and beliefs. Leaders will undoubtedly strive for positive change within their organization. Strong leaders do something when they hear complaints. A boss simply hears a complaint, yet fails to address the issue. Leaders will use their resourcefulness to give their team everything they need to succeed.

Difference 2: Communication

A good leader knows that a message only works when an employee hears, understands and absorbs it. This can take a long time to develop, though. Leaders accomplish this by connecting in deeper, more meaningful ways than the average boss. A true connection will completely dismantle any resistance in the office relationship. The connection can completely change the subject’s physiology to be more open and honest in the workplace.

Leaders undoubtedly understand the power of language, meaning the way you use language will determine the way you and others feel. Use language as a tool to turn negativity into an empowering moment. Changing your own language can change your focus overall. Positively affecting an employee’s emotional triad will empower them for more success in the future.

Difference 3: Inspiration

A boss will dictate, while a leader will inspire. This is a huge difference between the two figureheads. If your boss happens to also be a micromanager, they will control each and every detail in the workplace. This type of boss will talk more often than they listen, giving out orders and offering up criticism. Essentially, their authority only comes from their position. This is not true leadership.

A leader’s authority will be based on inspiration, instead. Leaders believe in the core values and vision of the company. They will build trust with their team, leading to creativity, innovation and results. A leader will hold him or herself accountable, while a boss will merely hold others accountable.

Difference 4: Collaboration

Unfortunately, a micromanager will tell you more than just what to do. They will tell you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Micromanagers are not open to new ideas or opinions. Their way is best, which can create a toxic “my way or the highway” atmosphere.

Leaders, meanwhile, encourage teamwork, collaboration and innovation. Not only are leaders open to new ideas, they actively seek them out. Leaders inspire collaboration by bringing positive energy to the office each and every day.

Difference 5: Vision

A boss seeks profits, and typically this could lead to a mentality of profits over people. Bosses are more interested in the bottom line rather than the health and happiness of their employees. By focusing on outcomes rather than the journey, essential lessons are missed along the way.

Leaders are ultimately driven by the process more than profits. This is done by creating and implementing a powerful vision. Leaders want to change the world, and can inspire their employees to feel the same way. By putting people first, profits will undoubtedly come naturally.

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