How To Reward Employees Without Money
Written by Brian B

How To Reward Employees Without Money

How To Reward Employees Without Money

Sometimes it’s not easy to recognize your valued employees with money. Thankfully, there are several other great ways to reward your employees. Check out the 40 best ideas for employee appreciation below.

40 Ways To Reward Employees Without Money

1. Give them new and improved job titles, such as “lead” or “director.”

2. Set up social activities for employees during the workdays or after hours.

3. Offer perks like gym membership or daycare access for working parents.

4. Allow job flexibility, giving employees the choice to work remotely.

5. Encourage employees to use all of their paid time off.

6. Consistently recognize employee accomplishments, even personal accomplishments.

7. Throw parties as a “Thank you” for your employees’ dedication.

8. Provide employees the opportunity to further their knowledge with access to classes and seminars.

9. If requested, give your employees extra responsibility.

10. Have an open door policy or give employees the chance to have one-on-one talks with management.

11. Create an employee lounge where workers can socialize, read or relax.

12. Host annual award ceremonies where employee accomplishments are celebrated.

13. Put a casual Friday policy in place.

14. Have a catered breakfast or lunch.

15. Start an employee appreciation day once per month.

16. Pay for a few food trucks to provide employee some unique lunch/snacking options.

17. Hand out awards or trophies that employees can display in their offices.

18. Give customized gifts to your employees.

19. Allow employees some freedom or flexibility with their hours.

20. Give away movie or show tickets.

21. Have a cake delivered to them on their birthday or work anniversary.

22. Add a few employees to a new company “Wall of Fame.”

23. Give them a day to take off, no questions asked.

24. Give employees some much-needed gas cards.

25. Keep the break room stocked with all the employees’ favorite snacks and drinks.

26. Let employees choose they way they’d like to recognized or rewarded.

27. Send a thank you card to their home address.

28. Upgrade their desk, chair or other piece of furniture in their office.

29. Give them a reserved parking spot.

30. Let them use the boss’s office for a day.

31. Create a prize wheel and let employees spin the wheel to win something special.

32. Send them a personalized message from Cameo.

33. Set your employees up with a meal delivery service for the week.

34. Create a plaque for the employee’s accomplishment.

35. Get them tickets to a nearby sporting event.

36. Create a “Thank you” video from clients and co-workers.

37. Offer them some birthday PTO with zero obligations.

38. Upgrade the break room with a Keurig machine or ice coffee keg.

39. Offer them some stock in the company.

40. Send out a company-wide email to recognize their hard work.

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