Employee Motivation Ideas
Written by Brian B

20 Great Employee Motivation Ideas

Employee Motivation Ideas

If you are looking for modern ways to motivate your employees, we have created a list of 20 great tactics right here!

1. Regularly Recognize Accomplishments

Recognition for work accomplishments has become far too rare today. Don’t make recognizing accomplishments a special occasion; make it a regular event. Whether it is a work accomplishment or something in a personal life like running a marathon, make your employees feel special. These moments will undoubtedly lift team spirit and bring people together.

2. Stay Positive

Employees will follow in the footsteps of a good boss. By that same measure, morale and attitude will flow from the top on down. Set a great example by staying positive each day, through the good times and bad.

3. Be Flexible

Here is a surprising statistic (according to flexjobs): More than 80 percent of working parents ranked flexibility as the most important part of a job. Flexibility was actually ranked as a higher priority than pay. Especially in today’s post-pandemic world, bosses need to be flexible about where and how your employees get their jobs done.

4. Set Goals

The big goals are a given. Your employees know and understand department and project goals. But, you can create a stronger work environment by setting smaller and even personal goals for team members. Whatever you choose, just make sure these goals are attainable. And, as always, celebrate these goals when they are met!

5. Give Everyone A Chance To Lead

Give everyone a chance to lead, whether it is a big or small project. This is a great way to discover natural leaders and find out how well your employees can work as a group.

6. Open Lines Of Communication

Any barriers between management and employees should be removed. Instill an open door policy from here on out. Availability is one of the most important traits a leader can possess.

7. Transparency And Honesty

Be honest at all times. Honesty can hurt occasionally, but there is an undeniable value in it. It is extremely hard to work for an organization that you don’t trust or is guilty of constant sugarcoating.

Boss Motivates Employees

8. Demonstrate Trust

People who micromanage are not demonstrating trust in any way. If you give employees a task, give them the freedom and trust they deserve with the project.

9. Support New Ideas

You are certainly not the only one in the office with innovative ideas. Let your employees shine by putting together brainstorming sessions. Support the new and sometimes wacky ideas your employees pitch. Companies can always benefit from simply beta testing new ideas.

10. Pay Well

All of the other employee motivation tactics may work, but they fall flat in the end if your team is not being compensated properly. Pay them as much as you can. Employees also love the simple joy of never having to deal with a payroll error.

11. Embrace Individuality

This is all about respecting an individual’s personality and ideals. If your open workplace is tough for an introvert, don’t try to break them out of their shell. Instead, embrace their space and let them flourish in their comfort zone.

12. Emphasize Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance is so important. Keeping a balance will help an individual succeed in both work and personal life. Make sure your employees take breaks and refrain from sending them emails after work hours.

13. Let Them Rest

This goes hand in hand with work-life balance. Give them breaks and check to see if they are actually taking advantage of break time. Offer long weekends or tack on an extra off-day during holiday seasons.

14. Start Work Traditions

You will be surprised at how much this can help employee motivation. Give them something to look forward to each day outside of their regular workload. Make up new traditions that are exclusive to your office.

15. Ask For Employee Feedback

Encourage feedback from your team by providing rewards for their participation. After all, you have been transparent and honest so they should follow by your example.


16. Avoid Downtime

A lot of people find routine comfortable, but it is also a breeding ground for boredom. Don’t let your employees get bored, leaving their minds to wonder. Spice things up every now and then. Change seating arrangements, office furniture or call in the food trucks. Keep your team engaged.

17. Offer Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions will motivate unlike anything else. Reward employees financially for their loyalty and hard work. Find a way to create advancement and bonus opportunities for positions that seem difficult to move up from.

18. Provide Development Training

Everyone can benefit from more training. You can make this further training on one’s current job or something else. Do this during work time, as it will help break up routines and give employees something unique to look forward to.

19. Celebrate Milestones

Come up with a rewards system, but again, make sure these rewards are attainable. Make it easy for your team to collect small rewards on their road to the bigger ones. Celebrate these milestones whenever you get the chance.

20. Reward Employees

Ask your employees for rewards opportunities. See what each individual wants and come up with a fun idea from there. If the majority of the team thinks a Friday off is the best reward, go with that. Or maybe a fun group bonding excursion is the way to go.

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