Evaluation Of Business
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Evaluation Of Business

Evaluation Of Business

The word interrogate conjures images of windowless rooms with two way mirrors, detectives playing good cop/bad cop, or prosecutors tricking the guilty into expressing too much emotion on the stand.  The approach can be strong and attacking, or empathetic and reassuring. Regardless, interrogations have one thing in common- a relentless pursuit of the truth. Each answer leads to a new question, a new path to follow in order to uncover solid facts.

The goal of this blog is not to pound on business. Instead, I want to help you closely examine all aspects of your business.  My objective is to dig deeper and ask the tough questions.

What are the important questions that you should ask of your own organization?  Together we will examine what makes business tick including:

  • What makes certain employees give their heart, body and soul to the company’s mission
  • How to determine the underlying problems with accountability
  • What lies at the root of morale issues that frequently get ignored
  • What resides inside the mind of your most loyal customers

I will explore my curiosity for human performance and investigate the limitless dynamics of leadership, sales and strategy.

Together, let’s “Interrogate Business” in search for the truth.

What tough questions do you need to ask of your business?  Share your thoughts and questions in the comments or email me and I will include your thoughts in future posts. 

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