What Is A Keynote Speaker
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What Is A Keynote Speaker

What Is A Keynote Speaker

A great keynote speaker has the potential to either make or break an event. So, what exactly is a keynote speaker and how do you find the right speaker for your company’s needs?

What Is A Keynote Speaker?

A keynote speaker is defined as the primary speaker at an event. Many people are already familiar with keynote speakers and addresses made during graduations or other celebratory ceremonies. Event planners, though, will commonly seek the services of keynote speakers for conferences, company retreats or other large outings. The keynote speaker must, of course, be an expert in the related field. Consider the keynote speaker the headliner of the event.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Keynote Speaker?

The keynote speaker has numerous responsibilities. In addition to speaking and inspiring, the speaker may also be responsible for encompassing the event’s theme. The keynote speaker is there to energize everyone in the crowd. If, for example, the speaker talks at the start of the event, it is his/her job to dictate the desired spirit and overall structure of the event. Although a keynote speaker is usually the main attraction, it is not unheard of to have the speaker essentially set the tone for what’s to come.

Typically, a keynote speaker will be given instructions or talking points when hired by an event planner. Planners can have some control over the speech and topics covered by the speaker. Planners may pick a speaker who specializes in motivating or inspiring, depending on the objectives of the event.

Keynote Speaker Qualifications

Each keynote speaker will have their own unique style. When looking for a speaker, find one with an impressive resume, a unique delivery style and philosophies that complement the objectives.

Great keynote speakers may provide the following:

  • Considered to be an expert in their field.
  • Viewed as a credible source of information.
  • Connect with audiences.
  • Speak in an engaging and dynamic manner.
  • Have extensive experience in public speaking.
  • Employ various methods of delivery and learning styles.
  • Can work well within boundaries set by event planners.
  • Present an impressive list of professional references.
  • Possess the ability to go off-script, if needed.

What Makes A Good Keynote Speech?

A good speech allows audience members to take home a new world of understanding and thought. A keynote speaker should ensure that guests can find solutions and arrive at conclusions. Audiences should walk away from the speech with motivation and a widened outlook.

The best keynote speakers will draw back on a wide base of knowledge and expertise in a related area. This unique perspective can help build or change your company’s culture. A great keynote speaker offers unparalleled authenticity, leaving an audience with passion, drive, determination and motivation.

How To Find A Keynote Speaker

Michael Saletta’s speaking experience spans more than 25 years with thousands of organizations.  For nearly 10 years, he spoke to 100+ companies each year.  His keynotes have included varying clients such as La-Z-Boy, Revlon, U.S. Army, Electrolux, Premier Concepts, Entrepreneur Organization, Associated Builders and Contractors, Hyundai-Kia, and numerous industry conferences.

Leadership, Sales, and Strategy are his topic specialties. Each of these may branch off into areas of performance, motivation, service and communication. Depending on your goals, he will customize my presentation using business language specific to your industry. He spends a great deal of time preparing the right stories, metaphors and models to leave the audience changed, inspired, and action-oriented.

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