What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?
Written by Brian B

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?

There is no magic formula used to create great leaders, especially in the workplace. Instead, it takes a lot of time, work and dedication to become the great leader you aspire to be one day. If you are wondering what it means to be a leader, we’re here to highlight five qualities great leaders need.

Leadership Qualities

To be a great leader, you must possess these five qualities:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Courage
  3. Communication
  4. Responsibility
  5. Resilience


Flexibility is perhaps one of the most important elements when it comes to leadership. Everyone knows that not everything will go as planned, so flexibility is key for a good leader. A leader needs to be able to quickly adapt to any adverse situations that may arise. Anything can happen in the workplace – from team changes to client disputes, meaning a good leader must have a plan for every circumstance.


Courage is another important trait for a leader to possess. It is crucial for the leader of a team to stand up for what they believe in. Having the courage to do what you believe is in you and your team’s best interest can be one of the hardest things to do today. Courage will typically come with the perfect mix of patience and determination.


Being able to properly communicate with others is a fundamental yet essential skill for any leader. Communication is not about simply finding the right words to say, though. It also means being able to follow through on promises and emphasizing with your team. A good communicator needs to know how to connect with others during orders or speeches. Powerful communication skill is one of the best traits a leader can possess.


Being able to say you were wrong never comes easily. Whenever there is blame to be accepted, a good leader must be able to admit to mistakes. Responsibility can also relate to rewarding and congratulating your team for accomplishments. When a manager or boss is able to accept blame and pass on compliments, a true leader is born.


It’s no secret that being a leader can be extremely difficult. Creating a strategy, all while guiding and supporting others can seem like a juggling act. Being a leader can be exhausting on good days and overwhelming on bad days. A resilient mindset is typically a missing link for managers looking to be more effective leaders. Resilience is a key factor in dealing with challenges and creating a productive and positive work environment.

How To Develop Leadership Skills In The Workplace

How To Develop Leadership Skills

Not all of us are natural born leaders, but with practice, research and character development it is possible to grow into a leader. Whether you are just beginning your professional career, starting a new management position or even a seasoned boss, there are several strategies to implement as you transition into the best leader for your workplace.

A leader needs to show a willingness to take on as many projects as possible. Co-workers will always follow someone who leads by example. Reach out to your bosses or manager to see if there is any extra work or an additional project that you can take part in. This is not to recommend taking on more than you can currently handle; make sure you can handle your workload first. Instead, this is a recommendation to go above and beyond your job description. This is a great way to grow, professionally and personally.

A great leader needs to know how to listen to others. To lead, one must first be in the role of follower. Leadership includes the ability to yield power when appropriate. If someone is more of a creative thinker for a situation that calls for creativity, then let that person have the floor. Yielding power to best use your personnel shows true leadership and maturity.

Stepping back and letting a co-worker take control relates directly to empowering teammates. View your employees as teammates at all times, empowering them when the time is right. Empowering tends to inspire others. All good leaders must be able to inspire others in the workplace. Last but not least, always keep your eyes open and ears peeled. A key to leadership development is to always look for opportunities to grow. Never stop learning, even when you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career.

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