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speakingLooking for the right speaker can be a daunting task.  Allow me to help you determine if it’s worth a conversation to explore me further.

My speaking experience spans more than 25 years with thousands of organizations.  For nearly 10 years, I spoke to 100+ companies each year.  My keynotes have included varying clients such as La-Z-Boy, Revlon, U.S. Army, Electrolux, Premier Concepts, Entrepreneur Organization, Associated Builders and Contractors, Hyundai-Kia, and numerous industry conferences.

Leadership, Sales, and Strategy are my topic specialties.  Each of these may branch off into areas of performance, motivation, service and communication.  Depending on your goals, I will customize my presentation using business language specific to your industry.  I DO NOT deliver canned speeches or use a teleprompter.  I spend a great deal of time preparing the right stories, metaphors and models to leave the audience ‘different’ … changed, inspired, and action-oriented.

Professional interactive processes are available for conference settings – audiences of 300 or less

In conclusion, I will research every detail of your organization to engage your audience and deliver a powerful keynote speech for your conference, company meeting, or workshop.  Yet, please don’t just take my word for it … call my past clients and ask for your self.

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