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As one of the most experienced and diversified consultants in the world, Michael and his companies have worked with thousands of organizations from nearly every industry. Based on a collaborative partnership with his clients, Michael integrates customized training and leadership coaching into a development process that ensures real-time change.
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ENGAGING, PASSIONATE, and ALWAYS CUSTOMIZED, Michael delivers a compelling message on leadership, sales, and strategy that will challenge each participant. Michael has shared the stage with speaking icons Jim Collins and Tom Peters and is known for his unprecedented ability to engage an audience with solid content.
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Executive Coaching

I am committed to helping individuals go to their own next level and unleash their potential, yet coaching with me is not always easy or even fun. The goal is positive change, growth, and results. Clients consistently thank me for difficult coaching sessions because they know honest feedback is what is necessary to “shake-up” their current situation and allow them to get on the right path.
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